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Prospectus team at Hunstanton school calls in Lynn News for project advice

A group of Smithdon High School students have called in some professional support for their project to devise a new school prospectus.

The team of Year 7 and 8 pupils are working on the book which is specifically aimed at primary school children who will be following in their footsteps in the future.

Lynn News news editor Allister Webb has been to the school to help them.

Below is a report of the session written by Year 8 student Alex Caldicott.

A journalist from the Lynn News came to visit a group of students including me at Smithdon High School.

This was an excellent opportunity as we are at the early stages of developing a school prospectus but from the students’ point of view.

He showed us some of the software he uses in order to get the page from the newspaper to look presentable. This was cool as I love being creative.

Then, he showed us how he writes quickly in a method called shorthand that is vital for journalists like himself. It looked extremely weird and he said it took a while to learn.

The way people write shorthand varies between everyone because we are all unique; shorthand is important because when listening to information in court the law states that no voice recorders can be used. This means when people speak, it has to be written down quickly!

In addition, our homework was to create 10 questions about our chosen subject (mine was maths) and we asked the journalist our favoured question.

Some people asked closed questions so they only have a clear cut answer but I asked “Should the equipment used for maths, for example calculators, be paid for by the school as it is a compulsory subject?”

We had a mini debate on this which was fun. The journalist said that not all questions will be easy to answer so we have to feel strong and passionate about them in order to get the information we need.

This helped us as we are developing our writing skills in order to produce our prospectus. This prospectus is aimed at primary school students and their parents to encourage them to come to our school.

I came away from the session thinking ‘wow’, because it was so fun and interesting and the journalist was really supportive of us. It was a fantastic opportunity and I would like to say a public thank you to the journalist who helped us.

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