Purfleet, by Allister Webb, April 18, 2017

Festival Too 2014 on the Saturday evening - The packed Tuesday Market Place as Scouting for Girls perform
Festival Too 2014 on the Saturday evening - The packed Tuesday Market Place as Scouting for Girls perform
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Wherever you end up on the journey of life, every place you call home at one time or another seems to have those events that bring people together each year.

Before I found my way to West Norfolk, I lived and worked in a small Yorkshire market town called Driffield, whose big event every year was a large one-day agricultural show which attracted thousands and thousands of people.

For those of us working on the local paper, now sadly closed, it was always the busiest day of our year.

But it was also the best, largely because of the atmosphere around the town and the showground, created by the way in which the show brought the town and the wider community together.

Having said all that, the best part was always the first pint in the pub afterwards.

Prior to that, I spent three fantastic years in Sheffield, which always seemed to have an extra buzz when the World Snooker Championship, which began at the weekend, rolled around every spring.

Next week, when I take a few days away from the office, I’ll make my annual trip back to a city that, long after I left it, still feels like home whenever I return.

It’s 15 years since I first attended the snooker there and 40 since the event first found its way to the Crucible Theatre. It wouldn’t be the same for me if it went anywhere else.

Here in West Norfolk, it may not be sport that puts us on the map, but our music and arts offer certainly makes amends for that.

And it didn’t take a very long trawl of my social media channels to get a flavour of the excitement triggered by the announcement that Busted will be headlining Lynn’s Festival Too this summer.

I wouldn’t claim to be an expert on their back catalogue by any means, but my immediate thought was that the organising committee had pulled off a major coup to bring them here. That view was reinforced when it became clear that one colleague in particular was going to have a major challenge not to reveal all before we could tell you about it in Friday’s paper, because of her own excitement at the news.

That said, frankly, I doubt whether anyone could give a stuff what any of us at Lynn News HQ think of the acts that have been announced so far. What matters far more is that we have the event in the first place.

I’m sure Busted in particular will attract fans from outside the area into Lynn, potentially putting more money into our local economy and that is, of course, welcome.

But, in many ways, the chance those summer nights give to bring our community together is much more important than any financial benefits accrued.

For that, the Festival Too committee deserves our congratulations and thanks. We’d miss it if it wasn’t there.