Purfleet, by Rebekah Chilvers, August 29, 2017

Truckfest Norwich.
Truckfest Norwich.

Myself and trucks are probably not a combination that anyone who knows me well would ever think would go together.

It’s not that I’m not a fan of motoring – I like a good car as much as the next person – but it’s not high up on my list of hobbies.

Truckfest Norwich.

Truckfest Norwich.

So when I got the chance to go to Truckfest in Norwich, I imagine a lot of people I know would be more than a little surprised that I took up the offer.

Until they found out that, as part of the festival, a number of former Love Island contestants would be making an appearance. And then it wasn’t such a shock.

But in spite of my rather shallow initial intentions, the highlight of the day had nothing to do with reality television.

Arriving at the Norfolk Showground, there were a very large number of trucks indeed, as the name of the event sort of alluded to.

One that quickly caught my eye had a drawing of a dragon on its cab, with the word ‘Daenerys’ written next to it – which any Game of Thrones fan will know references one of the show’s most important characters, otherwise known as the Mother of Dragons.

I hadn’t previously imagined how many different types of trucks there could possibly be in the world, let alone at Truckfest (looking back, this should not have come as a surprise) – but it was fascinating to see the evolution of the vehicle over time, with a number of vintage trucks on show.

And although history is one of my biggest passions, this was still nowhere near as exciting as the demonstrations which took place in the arena.

A monster truck launching over a row of crushed cars was something I never particularly thought I would find interesting, but it was truly captivating and the spectators were queuing many rows back to get a glimpse of it.

As it turned out, myself and my friend were not able to queue to meet the three Love Island stars who had turned up as special guests on the Sunday, but it was not something that I would lose sleep over.

We did, however, meet a different member of Love Island alumni in amongst the crowds outside of the arena, and naturally, got a photo with him.

And although this was pretty cool, it was certainly not the best bit. It just goes to show it can be rewarding to try out things you wouldn’t necessarily think were your cup of tea every once in a while.

With that in mind, I will be using the bank holiday weekend to attend a convention that will absolutely be my cup of tea, but something that I would not have thought I would care about if you’d asked me a couple of years ago.

Yes, by the time you’re reading this, I will have been to Drag World in London – a convention centred around the art of drag.

As much as my family, and my colleagues, may not understand it, I love it. Perhaps they should give it a try though – they, too, could be surprised at what they enjoy.