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Readers’ thoughts on buskers and charity ‘chuggers’

Lynn News readers’ have shared their thoughts on buskers and charity collectors, after the town centre manager expressed his concerns over “an increase in issues” with them in town.

Alistair Cox opened a discussion on buskers and face-to-face charity collectors at King’s Lynn Town Centre Partnership last month, stating there has been “an increase in issues with buskers in town, especially those that used amplified music”.

However, it is apparent that most Lynn News readers’ enjoy buskers but are not so warming to charity collectors, with some saying “busking has been the fabric of street life since medieval times” and others saying “buskers don’t bother me but people asking me to give to charity do”.

Avalon Whitefeather Gillott said: “Love the buskers, helps bring the town alive, a variety of music for all tastes, but I do not like being hounded and leaflets shoved in my face trying to get me to donate to this or that. I donate to charities regularly but if they hound me I am less likely to give to them.”

In agreement, Zoe Moore said: “Buskers are great, they keep the town that bit more cheerful. Especially that guy with the moustache my daughter absolutely loves him. It’s just the people trying to sell you stuff that are the problem! I do everything I can to swerve them but then someone has to have that job I suppose! I’m just glad it isn’t me.”

Ian Ashford said: “The biggest problem we have is the temporary people in the Vancouver Centre selling us credit cards and broadband, and outside WHSmiths too. I pass them everyday and get hounded by them. These people are putting people off coming into town. The buskers work to a buskers’ code and bring joy to the town, remember Juggling Jim? Or have we forgotten him already.”

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