Recently-reformed Swaffham branch of Labour Party meet for the first time

Labour NNL-160520-134128001
Labour NNL-160520-134128001
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The recently-reformed Swaffham branch of the Labour Party met for the first time on Friday evening at the community centre.

The branch is keen to re-assert a Labour presence in the town and the surrounding area following a surge in membership recently which has seen the local party membership increase by nearly 10-fold.

Joanna Navarre was unanimously elected as the branch chair, whilst John Zielinski was elected as branch secretary.

Among those in attendance were party stalwart Pam Buxton, who expressed delight at the enthusiasm of new local members, and Tony Dickens, one of the moving forces behind the Iceni Partnership, who kindly agreed to act as vice-chair.

As well as discussing issues of national importance, it was agreed that Labour should be more involved in regional and local issues, in particular housing, noting the party’s policy which will allow councils to build council housing in large numbers.

There is great concern locally about the lack of good quality, truly affordable housing with much more secure tenancy for those who rely on rented housing.

The branch is planning a drive locally to encourage people to make sure they are registered to vote, as it is believed that a possible 20 per cent are not.

The branch will meet regularly on the first Thursday of each month at Swaffham community centre (7.30pm).