Repairs agreed for Downham Clock

Downham Market Town Square ENGANL00120120702125858
Downham Market Town Square ENGANL00120120702125858
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One of West Norfolk’s best loved landmarks will be undergoing important renovation work.

Downham Town Clock will be undergoing a £3,842 renovation project.

Members of Downham Town Council have agreed to employ contractors Smith of Derby to service the clock workings and make important repairs.

The clock had stopped working at Christmas when it was discovered that one of the hands on the north face had been damaged and was affecting the other faces.

While initial repairs have been completed, the contractor recommended that the dial motion works and bevels be removed and serviced as the clock has a problem with damp.

The firm will also straighten the bent hand along with replacing and testing the light systems.

The dials and joints in the cast system will also be re-sealed along with perspex.

The council had set aside £4,000 to pay for any works to the clock.

Members of the property committee took the decision.