Residents team up for litter pick-up

Litter pickers in Hunstanton
Litter pickers in Hunstanton
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Prompted by discussion threads on the Hunstanton Area Facebook page suggesting residents shouldn’t complain about litter if they are not prepared to do anything about it, locals from Hill Street and the surrounding area organised a litter pick.

Armed with rakes, brushes and bags the team of Lisa and Maxine Jackson, Michael Marlton, Kayla Woods, Craig Reed, Derek and Derry O’Brien and Mike Shaw collected 16 bags, an umbrella and suitcase from the footpath leading from Alexandra Road to Tesco.

Mike Shaw said: “We thought that to clean up the area would be beneficial to all and worth a couple of hours of our time.”

Borough Council workmen provided bags for the clean-up event and organised a council van to pick up the pile of collected litter.

Ready for action... from the left are Lisa Jackson, Maxine Jackson, Michael Marlton, Kayla Woods and Mike Shaw. Below, the cleared path.