Review of King’s Lynn restaurant Mojoito’s

Official Opening of Hot Rocks and Mojitos. MP. Henry Bellingham Deputy Mayor David Whitby. ANL-150917-215533009
Official Opening of Hot Rocks and Mojitos. MP. Henry Bellingham Deputy Mayor David Whitby. ANL-150917-215533009
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Hot Rocks @ Mojitos

Hot rocks @ Mojitos opened last week to great fanfare so this week I went along to try it out for myself and see what all the fuss was about.

The concept is a simple one. Essentially an all-you-can-eat buffet type establishment but brought to your table.

The twist is that you do the cooking. A volcanic slab about 12in x 6in is placed in the centre of the table heated to 500 degrees.

(The menu warns you that the restaurant takes no responsibility for any injury caused if you are daft enough to get yourself burnt on the slab.)

Then the various meats you might like to eat, chicken, steak, salmon, is brought to your table and you cook it to how you like it.

So if you like your beef extra rare then a mere dab will probably suffice.

Obviously with chicken perhaps more care is warranted.

But the meats are all sliced quite thinly so they don’t take a lot of cooking.

Tongs are provided and the waiter brought some extra cutlery as well to manoeuvre the items around.

The meats come with fries, rice, an oriental-style salad with beansprouts and a bean sauce. As the meat and the sides eaten more will be brought to your table if you wish.

The same is true of the starter, which consists of prawns, really delicious chorizo, hummus, pitta bread and fries. That will be replenished to your heart’s content.

All this is £20 and comes with a bottle of perfectly acceptable wine.

Dessert costs about £5.50. Frankly, I was pretty full but in the spirit of offering a full review service, my partner and I shared a very nice ice cream flutte.

Service was good, with plenty of visits to the table to ask if we wanted more food, wine water, cutlery etc.

The atmosphere was lively and overall my wife and I enjoyed the dining experience.

The design have gone for functional rather than fancy but there are some nice touches such as cut-down wine bottle candle holders on the wall supplied by Caithness Crystal.

This goes with the restaurant’s ethos of trying to source as much as possible from local suppliers.

Owner Gez Chetal said: “No-one leaves here feeling hungry!”

I could certainly agree with that.