Roald Dahl celebration launches Downham school’s new learning plan

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Pupils and staff at the Hillcrest Primary School in Downham have been celebrating the life and work of one of Britain’s most famous authors.

The school celebrated Roald Dahl Day, which marked the anniversary of his birth, today by dressing as characters from many of his works.

The eventalso launched the school’s new text-linked curriculum, which has been developed over the past year.

Headteacher Matthew Try said: “The staff were united in their desire to create a series of learning experiences that would engage and excite the children.

“The reward of the dedication they have shown to complete the mammoth task of a curriculum re-write will be felt by the children as the year goes on.

“If there is one thing that any school or parent could do to improve a child’s life chances, it would be to encourage them to read, read again and read some more.

“Improving a child’s ability to read more and more complex texts has proven positive effects on a child’s all-round ability to access, and be successful in, the full range of curriculum subjects. We look forward to seeing that benefit in the years to come.”