Ruby Tuesday - Who to call for more information

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We’ll start today with Confused Email of the Week, the prize for which goes to the East of England Ambulance Service press office who advised the newsroom that the line to the Norwich office was currently down and gave an alternative number to call – only to then, in the usual notes at the bottom, further advise us to ring the number that was down “for further information.” Or not given the reason for sending the email in the first place.

Ruby’s a simple girl (as anyone who reads this column will attest) and not impressed by the use of big words.

But if she was, she might say that there seems something hubristic about the huge sign that has gone up on the Southgates roundabout and elsewhere boasting about the “exemplar environmental” development that the Nar Ouse Regeneration Area shall be.

Exemplar just doesn’t seem to be a very Lynn word. Still, no doubt some one has been paid a lot of money to come up with that catchy slogan.

Ruby’s brother was delayed on his fairly short journey work last Thursday morning, though not by the usual rush hour hold-ups.

The reason? Millennium Way in Clenchwarton was blocked by a school bus picking up children and an impatient tanker driver who stopped alongside it to argue with the bus driver about whether he should have parked there to collect his passengers. Ruby suspects it was only the time of day that stopped her brother, who is not the most tolerant motorist, from having a go at them both.

Our readers never fail to surprise us. A chap came into our front office on Friday and passed over a £20 note wrapped in a cutting from the Lynn News and asked that it be passed on.

The money was intended for a man who appeared in court and was described as “desperate” so that he stole food to feed his son.

Some will no doubt say that the man was a thief, whatever his circumstances, and deserved no pity. There are plenty of people in hard times who do not resort to stealing. But it is still moving that someone felt touched enough by that story to show some compassion.

And finally, amid the usual overdose of romance surrounding Valentine’s Day last week, a laugh was raised in the Lynn News office when an invitation to a wedding fair was received – by the single news editor.