Safety event in Hunstanton

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A beach safety and flood advice event will be held on Hunstanton’s Spinney tomorrow.

Agencies including West Norfolk Council, the police, Coastguard, Environment Agency and Clinical Commissioning Group will be represented at the session, which is on from 10am until 1pm,

Council leader Brian Long said: “We work year round with residents and businesses in the area but it is much more difficult to get beach safety and flood prevention messages to those who are only in the area for a relatively short time.

“Many of our visitors have property in the area and information about flooding and flood protection is vital for them, as is signing up for flood alerts so that they know in advance if they need to get their property secured.

“For day trippers and other tourists spending time on the beach can be great fun.

“Our main aim is to ensure that while they are with us they are safe, understand the dangers of our coastal waters and know what to do if they experience any difficulties.”