Safety warning after girl, 13, struck by e-cigarette on King’s Lynn Mart ride

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A mother has urged fairgoers to take care on rides at the Lynn Mart after her daughter was hit by an electronic cigarette which fell out of another fairgoer’s pocket.

Maddy Sanpher, 13, suffered a head wound when she was struck by the metal object while on the Hi Energy ride on Saturday evening.

Paramedics had to be called to treat the injury, which Maddy said she initially thought had been caused by part of the ride itself.

Her mother, Kathy, said the incident had put her off from going to the fair.

She said: “The chances of it happening again are probably zilch, but it’s frightened her.”

Miss Sanpher, from Gayton, had been watching the ride, which Maddy had been on with her sister Megan, from the ground when the incident happened.

Although Maddy was distressed when the ride stopped and Megan was holding the object, Miss Sanpher said they only became fully aware of what had happened after another person on the ride noticed Maddy’s head was bleeding.

She said she was speaking out in order to warn other people who might be going to the fair, which remains in the Tuesday Market Place until the weekend, to be more careful about the things they carry with them on the rides.

She said: “It just came flying out of his pocket. “If it had hit her on the temple, it could have caused problems. If it had hit her in the eye it could have blinded her.

“People need to know not to go on these rides with things in their pockets that aren’t zipped up.”

The Mart’s chief steward, Donald Gray, yesterday said he had not been made aware of the incident, but would discuss it with the operator of the ride before it re-opened.

He stressed that most rides had safety notices instructing users to secure all loose items before going on them, but could not say whether such a notice was displayed at the Hi Energy ride itself.

However, he said there had been incidents in which people had lost mobile phones while on rides, adding: “That’s why they’re there.”

A West Norfolk Council spokesman said they had not been notified of the incident.

But she said incidents relating to the safety of the rides or anyone using them would be looked into by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

HSE officials also confirmed they had not yet been made aware of any incident, but added that, while they would expect to be told, there was no legal obligation for the operator to do so.