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Snettisham Beach Sailing Club moves towards renewable energy following grant from West Norfolk Council

A sailing club has been moving towards renewable energy after receiving a grant.

Snettisham Beach Sailing Club has been making big changes to the club thanks to a Community Infrastructure Levy grant from West Norfolk Council and a further boost from the East Coast Community Fund.

As a result, the club has been able to move to renewable sources for its energy needs.

Snettisham Beach Sailing Club has been given a grant
Snettisham Beach Sailing Club has been given a grant

Due to its location, the club had previously had to rely upon a diesel generator for electricity and gas boilers for hot water to showers, washrooms, and the kitchen – but thanks to the funding, it is now ‘green’.

The first phase of the project began in the summer of 2023 with the addition of insulation and a new covering to the roof.

Following a structural survey, an array of 21 solar panels were then installed on the roof, supplying a 30kW battery system.

The club was then rewired, and low-energy lighting was installed throughout.

The total cost of this work was £50,000, with the club thanking West Norfolk Council’s Community Infrastructure Levy for the £30,000 it provided towards this figure.

The second phase of the project began in January to provide a solar hot water system.

Adrian Tebbutt, the club commodore, said: “Working with Horisun Renewable Energy, who advised on the system design, we began the installation in January 2024 to be ready for the new season.

“We now have a 30-tube solar thermal collector, 600l of hot water storage tanks, a flexible control system plus new thermostatically regulated push button showers and push operated taps throughout the club.

“The two obsolete boilers were replaced by a new boiler to act as a backup at periods of high demand and to enable us to protect against legionella.

“With the installation completed in mid-February we have been impressed with the effectiveness of the system, even in the short days and cold weather, the tanks are up to working temperature.

“We estimate that we will save at least 1000l of liquefied petroleum gas per year, once again reducing our costs and emissions.”

The total cost of the solar thermal installation was £17,650 and the club has thanked the East Coast Community Fund for a grant of £13,645 towards this.

With more than 500 members, Snettisham Beach Sailing Club describes itself as a “proactive club open to the community”, with sailing, kayaking, canoeing, kite/wind surfing and paddleboarding opportunities for both beginners and experienced participants in the area.

The club’s ethos is to be accessible to all, and a family can enjoy the facilities for just over £5 per week. The club also owns some 30 boats that are available for hire to members.

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