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School crossing one step closer in Terrington St Clement

School crossing one step closer in Terrington St Clement
School crossing one step closer in Terrington St Clement

A long running campaign for a safe crossing point near a village school appears to be moving closer to victory.

Members of Terrington St Clement Parish Council agreed to investigate Norfolk County Council’s recommendation over their village zebra crossing at an ordinary meeting on Wednesday.

Officials say a zebra crossing would make it easier and safer for youngsters and their parents to cross Churchgate Way on the school run.

But, Norfolk County Council recommend introducing a speed bump-style zebra crossing in an attempt to also reduce speed on the road in and outside of school hours.

Clerk of Terrington St Clement Parish Council, Karen Treacher said: “County council said due to the recommendations in the report they would require a raised table within the zebra crossing so this would bump up the cost to £54,500 from £40,000.

“If you went with their recommendation, which was option two, for the raised speed table and additional lighting then this would cost the parish £0.

“In addition, because of the footpaths and road deterioration they would also add additional street lights and footpath maintenance upgrade on the road. That would be at £0 cost.

“However, with the zebra crossing, which would be a hybrid of the raised table and the zebra crossing, that would be at £54,500. They didn’t say how much they would pay if you go against their recommendations.”

Some parish councillors agreed the decision is a “no-brainer” while others said a speed bump-style zebra crossing is not necessary because the road has been accident free for a number of years.

Parish councillor David Shepperson said: “I would not in favour of a raised table. The school would get nothing but noise all day long with lorries, vans and tractors going over it.

“The ambulance service will not use that route because they set their sat navs up to avoid raised tables.

“That will mean that anyone who will want an ambulance along the road, it will come down the bypass along Station Road, down Sutton Road, then Marsh Road and all the way around the village to Northgate Way to get there.”

The parish council agreed to seek reasoning for Norfolk County Council’s raised table recommendation.

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