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Seven unusual begonias for indoor planting

Bright and modest, huge and miniature, beautifully flowering begonias are incredibly diverse flowers. Those who are looking for something new in their favourite plants or want to collect an original collection of begonias — we recommend at least seven species to choose from.

The range of indoor begonias is not limited to popular species. You can find many interesting and rare begonia bulbs to decorate the interior with a beautiful begonia flower.

1) Begonia Convolvulaceae

This variety is rightfully considered the most popular among the unusual species. This is the ideal choice for quick decorating of walls. It also looks great in complex compositions. This plant is extremely sensitive to excessive light, so it loves partial shade and coolness. To enjoy the beauty of this plant, you need to accurately water the plant and protect it from drafts.

2) Begonia Dregei

This is a shrub up to 50 cm high with a thick bright trunk, densely branching at the top. Its bright leaves remind maples and emphasize the unusualness of the plant. Its beautiful inflorescences of waxy white flowers bloom all summer long.

Begonias (42917329)
Begonias (42917329)

3) Bright-Red Begonia

Powerful bright red variety (Begonia coccinea) surprises with shades of stems, simplicity of “flat” leaves and large clusters of inflorescences. Due to its size, it seems extravagant, because it requires a lot of space in the interior. This plant requires careful watering and sometimes the installation of supports.

4) Begonia Masoniana

Begonia masoniana is a wrinkled-leaved star that adds luxurious textures of unusual leaves to the interior. With a height of up to 20 cm, it surprises primarily with the density of bushes. The difference in colours depends on the intensity of the light. This is a light-loving variety that does not tolerate drafts and loves accurate watering.

5) Begonia Carolineifolia

This is one of the most powerful begonias that over time creates powerful, tree-like silhouettes. This is an original alternative to palm trees for exotic lovers. This warm and light-loving plant is one of the easiest plants to grow. It requires abundant watering when the topsoil starts to dry.

6) Begonia Heracleifolia

This velvet, almost black or emerald variety seems almost artificial in the right pot – its textures are so luxurious. This large-leaved plant produces huge, rounded leaves up to 30 cm in diameter. The plant requires diffused bright lighting, breathable soil, protection from heat, and very gentle watering.

Begonias (42917327)
Begonias (42917327)

7) Begonia Maculata

This is a gigantic variety of “reed” begonias, which impresses with its size. Even though it can replace even palm trees in the interior, the first thing that attracts attention is the leaves covered with delicate white dots. This unpretentious and shade-tolerant begonia does not forgive mistakes with watering and requires considerable attention.

When choosing begonias, it is worth remembering that uniqueness is often a sign of non-standard requirements for conditions and care. It is better to study the peculiarities of the species before buying, so it will please you for many years.

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