Sewage nightmare as King’s Lynn property is left flooded

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The mother of a Lynn family whose property has been flooded by sewage on the ground floor says she just wants the situation resolved once and for all.

Hayley Wilkinson’s property at Fred Ackland Drive, in Fairstead, still remains a soggy mess more than a week after the problem was first discovered.

A distraught Miss Wilkinson, who lives at the family home with her four children and two dogs, said: “My stress levels have been going through the roof.

“It’s been absolutely atrocious. I was in tears most of the day on Thursday. I felt like no-one cared.

“They have finally located a crack in a pipe in my living room, but the carpet in my living room is ruined, as are the floors in both the kitchen and bathroom.

“I haven’t got a clue how much longer it is going to take but I just want the situation sorted. It has been a disaster.

“The housing agency offered to move us while they got the work done but that wasn’t feasible with me having four children and two dogs.”

Miss Wilkinson said she first became aware of problem last Monday, but no work was actually carried out at her property until the end of last week, when a crack in a pipe was finally discovered.

The leak was first brought to her attention when her son said the toilet was overflowing.

When Circle Housing first attended the property, all Miss Wilkinson was given was a dust sheet to put on the floor.

Following a second visit, the issue was referred to Dynarod who recommended removing the whole toilet.

Circle Housing returned to the property to undertake some cleaning work on Friday, while TM Browne were on the scene yesterday, trying to repair the cracked pipe.

The family have had to rely on the goodwill of the neighbours to use a toilet.

Miss Wilkinson said: “We were asked if we could use the toilet sparingly on Friday but it’s not easy when one of my daughters is pregnant.

“My children have had to go round to neighbours to go to the toilet. It’s just been absolutely awful, a nightmare.

“It’s been like something out of the Dark Ages.”

Miss Wilkinson took pictures to show neighbours the extent of the problem and said: “They couldn’t believe it.”

On Friday, a Circle Housing spokesman said: “We are very sorry for the distress and inconvenience this issue has caused to our residents.

“Our operatives are currently at the property and we expect the work to be completed today (Friday).

“We have also carried out a deep clean of the affected floor. Our tenant is happy with the action that has been taken.”