Snettisham man thanks crews for saving his life

Philip Chapman, centre, with, from left, Carl Smith, Kim Meek, Simon Blaker and Darren Sullivan
Philip Chapman, centre, with, from left, Carl Smith, Kim Meek, Simon Blaker and Darren Sullivan

A Snettisham man has thanked the ambulance crews who saved his life.

Philip Chapman’s heart was re-started in the back of an ambulance with one shock from a defibrillator after he went into cardiac arrest.

He was then airlifted to Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, where he was discharged just four days later after having two stents fitted to repair his arteries.

Mr Chapman will be appearing on a television programme next week thanking the East of England Ambulance and East Anglian Air Ambulance crews for saving his life.

The touching scene was recorded as part of the Air Ambulance ER programme, which will be broadcast on Sky 1 on Monday at 9pm.

Mr Chapman, 67, of Parkside said; “ I can not thank them enough. Everyone was amazing from the call handler to the ambulance staff to the air ambulance and the hospital staff.

“Without them I would not be here.

“I wanted to meet them to say a huge thank you.

“Thank you seems so miniscule for what they did.”

Mr Chapman called 999 after he began to feel unwell.

He said: “I got up and came down stairs and let the dog out which was fortunate because both doors were locked. I put the kettle on and I thought I felt horrendous and perspiration started pouring off me I felt I was going to pass out.

“I remember speaking to the call handler who told me to hang on and I did not seem to be on the phone long before the paramedic got there.”

Paramedics were concerned about Mr Chapman and called out the air ambulance.

He was loaded into the ambulance and driven to the landing site.

But his condition grew worse and his heart stopped and had to be re-started.

Mr Chapman said: “I remember seeing the rotor blades of the helicopter and waking up in hospital.”

He has had two stents fitted over two hospital trips.

Mr Chapman has been reunited with Paramedic Darren Sullivan, Emergency Medical Technician Simon Blaker, Paramedic Kim Meek and Critical Care Paramedic Carl Smith for the television programme.

Pilot Steve Norris, Dr Victor Inyang and Critical Care Paramedic Carl Smith were on board Anglia One on that day.

Mr Chapman was able to watch footage of the incident thanks to documentary makers, who have rigged up cameras in the helicopter.

He said: “It was surreal to watch the footage.

“I watched it but it was not like I was seeing myself.

“There are bits of it I can’t remember.”