South Creake coffee mornings fundraise for defibrillator

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Three South Creake friends, who started a monthly coffee morning in the new Memorial Pavilion have turned the event into a lifesaving fundraiser.

Held at the village’s community centre, the coffee mornings were brought in to provide a focus for residents who wanted to meet socially.

But Sue Hart, Glynis Clack and Alison Wakeman are aiming to raise around £2,000 for a defibrillator.

Such is the popularity of the event that from only six monthly mornings they have already raised more than £500.

Surrounding the centre are tennis, football and bowls clubs, while the hall hosts zumba and keep-fit classes among a number of less strenuous events.

Individuals from all walks of life can suffer sudden heart problems but defibrillators have proved time and time again to be an important piece of life-saving equipment where strenuous activities are carried out.

Mrs Hart said: “The pavilion is the centre of village life and we thought it would be the best place for the defibrillator.”

Apart from the chance to sip a cup of coffee and enjoy a cake or pastry, the event also has several stalls.

“We not only attract residents but passing visitors and holiday-makers as well,” said Mrs Hart.

“When we’ve raised a bit more money we hope to get someone from the NHS to advise us where to site the equipment.”

The popular coffee mornings are normally held on the fourth Wednesday of each month between 10.30 am and midday.

But providing the village with a defibrillator is not the end of the the ambitions for the South Creake coffee morning pals.

Now that the trio have discovered that their efforts can help the community in a major way, they plan to continue their efforts.

“Next, perhaps, we’ll raise money for a local charity,” said Mrs Hart.