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South Wootton Junior School class donations are Ghana help African pupils

Sarah Jay with her class at Asawase Primary in Kumasi. Ghana.
Sarah Jay with her class at Asawase Primary in Kumasi. Ghana.

South Wootton Junior School teacher Sarah Jay has returned from delivering classroom equipment to children in Ghana.

Money for the equipment was raised by year 5 and 6 students at her school and taken to Asawase Primary in Kumasi, which is 155 miles from the capital Accra.

The equipment was desperately needed. The school of 170 pupils had “only one football and a single skipping rope”, she said.

Each child had only a pen and scrappy books to learn with. Due to the lack of IT facilities , IT consisted of “copies of word documents being drawn on the whiteboard”.

On the second day she brought in the equipment that South Wootton had donated.

She was able to teach the class using the maths resources and PE equipment that she brought with her.

When the large sheet used to play the popular parachute game was brought out, Miss Jay’s class was quickly swelled by nearly all of the 170 students who wished to join in.

She left a guide on all the games they can use it for and their teacher told her that they are “very grateful”.

When she went out there Miss Jay brought the letters that her pupils back in South Wootton had written for their peers in Ghana.

Miss Jay said: “As the children read the letters they were friendly, inquisitive and so pleased by the letters that they quickly began writing replies.”

When she began teaching the children how to structure their replies, Miss Jay was happy to see that they were working at a level that she said she would have expected to see from her Year 6 students.

Her own pupils were “absolutely amazed by the responses they received and were shocked to see just how different life is in Ghana”.

She hopes, in the future, to raise more money and equipment for the school and others like it.

She said: “It was an amazing experience and one I would love to repeat. I would also recommend that other schools try similar initiatives as it was just wonderful.”

The trip was funded by the British Council and has allowed for the students in Ghana to receive better school equipment.

The students of South Wootton Junior school have learned how children in poorer countries live without the basics we take for granted.

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