Special activity week at Lynn’s St Nicholas Chapel

St Nicholas Chapel, King's Lynn ANL-150722-162444009
St Nicholas Chapel, King's Lynn ANL-150722-162444009
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The Churches Conservation Trust (CCT), the national charity which cares for St Nicholas Chapel, is hosting a week of special activities.

Starting from Tuesday and continuing until Saturday, visitors will be able to learn how to play historical games such as alquerque and ludo.

Alquerque is a board game dating back to the 10th century and is thought to have originated in the Middle East and is considered to be the forerunner of draughts.

Ludo has even older origins in the Indian game Pachisi, dating from the sixth century. All activities and entry to the chapel is free.

Other highlights will include ‘The Court in the corner’ – a series of activities based on the religious or consistory court, which is still located in the north west corner of the chapel. Visitors can sit in the court and play a special game to decide if the defendants were innocent or guilty.

Other themes include seafaring and it’s importance in Lynn, the building of the chapel and local crafts and the wooden roof angels. These can be viewed via a special ‘mirror cart’.

The chapel recently unveiled new displays and activities, such as games and puzzles for children and trails to learn about the history of the building.