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SAM sign on Wisbech Road has been 'forcibly' damaged twice in three months

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Speed Awareness Monitoring (SAM) on Wisbech Road near Lynn has been damaged twice in a three month period following inspections.

SAM signs are electronic signs that display a speed related message to passing motorists. They are intended to remind a driver of their speed and make relevant changes to their driving behaviour.

It has been speculated that in the absence of a stepladder of some sort it would take someone of "great strength and some height" to manoeuvre such a feat.


Kevin Waddington, who is contracted by the council to maintain the cameras has reported that the speed camera has been "forcibly turned".

He said: "For the second time in three months the speed indication camera in Wisbech Road has been forcibly turned out of alignment so that it could not function. The straps holding it cannot be loosened with normal allen keys and remain tightened, so it would have taken someone with great strength and some height,in the absence of steps to do it.

"The police and County Council who own the camera have been notified. Anybody with information can contact the police on 101."

Clenchwarton and Lynn South councillor Alexandra Kemp has commented on the matter and has written to

She said: " I am appalled that the Wisbech Road Sam Sign has been vandalised, by being twisted so it cannot function, a second time.

"Residents in the Freebridge homes said they saw young people twist the sign round the first time. Now it has happened again.

"I have just written to the Lynn Area Committee about considering the introduction of CCTV in South Lynn again."

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