Stage help needed to help keep King’s Lynn’s Festival Too rocking

The view from the Festival Too stage, which organisers say needs to be replaced
The view from the Festival Too stage, which organisers say needs to be replaced
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Organisers have said the future of Festival Too could be in trouble after it came to light the stage is broken beyond repair and needs replacing.

The stage, which is made up of two lorries and lots of extra materials, would cost around £20,000 to replace which would seriously affect how much money was left to stage the free festival.

Chairman Bridget Nurse said: “The trailers are unroadworthy and need replacing, this is something that could affect whether the festival goes ahead in future if we cannot raise enough to replace them.

“Everything gets more expensive each year an we’ve had to work so hard this year to make the event happen, it’s been a lot of hard work and we’re all volunteers. We just wish people would put their hand in their pockets a bit more to help us out.”

Organisers were disappointed to see a reduction in donations to the free event despite having their volunteers taking collection buckets through the crowd.

Mrs Nurse said: “We had crowds of over 13,000 on Saturday night which is such an achievement, but we only took £2,500 of donations. All we ask is that people put a pound in the bucket and all that money goes straight into the next year’s event.”

The money raised at each year’s event is combined with that raised at events held throughout the year, including a ball and golf day, to pay for the next year’s event.

The staging is currently built around the two lorries, which cost £10,000, and uses several thousand pounds worth of materials, flooring and scaffolding to create the final product, before a further £13-18,000 is spent on sound engineering equipment.

Mrs Nurse added: “It’s great to come for a free night out but people need to understand that before we even get to booking the acts, half of our budget is eaten up by staging and safety, it would be lovely to spend more on our acts but we need to raise more so we can do that.

“It’s all reliant on people pitching in to offer donations or even services to help make it happen, we’ve had companies donate scaffolding or mobile buildings before which has really helped us.

“We try and get supporters who will exchange services for advertising.”

Any companies able to donate services to help put on the event should email or use the contact page on the wesbite. All donations are welcome via