Stoke Ferry holiday lodge plans are refused

Planning applications
Planning applications

Plans to build six timber holiday lodges in Stoke Ferry have been refused by West Norfolk Council’s planning committee who had concerns about flood risk, sewage and the impact on the countryside.

The proposals, which would have seen the lodges built on land at Greatman’s Way, had been recommended for approval by planning officers.

But committee members agreed with concerns raised by Stoke Ferry Parish Council regarding the extra traffic, the flood risk and potential damage to the roadway following construction.

In committee reports, the 3.25 hectare site is described as having boundaries with the A134 highway to the west and the River Wissey to the south of it.

Adrian Lawrence said: “The flood plain is there for a reason, and I can’t really see why anyone would want to go there on holiday.

“If it was to flood there could be some big problems, so I agree with the parish council that this is not suitable.”

Anthony White said: “It will stick out like a sore thumb, it will not integrate into the surrounding areas. It’s too visible from the main road.”

Mr White proposed to refuse the application, based on the potential impact on the countryside, the flood risk and sewage.

He said: “We would like to look after our village.”

Avril Wright said she would be “quite concerned” about developing on this land, and raised fears about wildlife that might be living in the area.

The committee voted in favour of refusing the application.