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Tesco deny racism claims as police continue enquiries into King's Lynn case

A supermarket has strongly denied claims a delivery driver racially abused a black woman in Lynn.

Police have been investigating after a offensive remark was reported at a flat on Kings Reach around 10.30pm on September 29.

Portugal-born Claudia de Ceita, 27, said she felt “very embarrassed and belittled” after a delivery driver reportedly said “I don’t want to be close to the likes of you” to the mother-of-one.

Claudia de Ceita. Picture: SUBMITTED
Claudia de Ceita. Picture: SUBMITTED

She said the driver had been reluctant to come to the door to deliver the items due to Covid-19 and had thrown her shopping on the floor.

He also did not give her a receipt when items were missing.

Tesco has denied this was a case of racism.

Tesco says it does not tolerate racism or abuse of any kind
Tesco says it does not tolerate racism or abuse of any kind

A spokesman said: “We do not tolerate racism or abuse of any kind towards our customers or our colleagues. We immediately investigated these claims and didn’t find any evidence of racism.”

Miss de Ceita was asked to write a statement to Tesco after she complained, but the company has taken no further action.

Police enquiries are ongoing and it has been recorded as a hate incident.

A spokeswoman for Norfolk Police said the incident was reported a few days later on Saturday, October 3.

Miss de Ceita moved to the UK at the age of eight and has lived in Lynn for four years. She lives with her baby.

She said: “No matter where you come from, the same thing that happened to me could happen to another black or British person.

“I know if I did something like that I would be punished because it’s wrong and I am very upset and disgusted nothing has been done by Tesco.”

The Lynn News has seen the letter which Miss de Ceita wrote to Tesco describing the incident.

It said: “I placed my baby down crying and went outside, and the driver was already with the engine on like he was about to leave. I had to tell him to get out and give me my shopping.

“I also told him that all he had to do is drop it at my front door and he said no that he didn’t want to be close to the likes of me.

“So I ask him what he means and he turns his back to me, goes to the van to get my shopping, bangs the door of the van, gets the basket and throws it at me.

“He doesn’t even place it down, he throws it to the floor.

“I tell him that he’s being rude and disrespectful and he says he doesn’t care. When he goes to get my second lot of shopping, I could hear him dropping my shopping, kicking the basket and he once again throws it on the floor.”

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