Sutton Bridge lorry row summit planned

Adam and Sandra Argyris
Adam and Sandra Argyris
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Fed-up residents will stage their own transport summit in a bid to stop “wrong-turn” lorries using a narrow lane at Sutton Bridge.

Adam and Sandra Argyris say lorries trying to deliver to Bakkavor mistakenly turn into Chalk Lane – which has no vehicle access to the factory – and end up reversing the length of the lane, which Adam says is “very dangerous to pedestrians, cyclists and cars”.

He said: “Repeated damage has been caused to the road barriers and to the adjoining properties.

“The lane only provides pedestrians access to the factory and, whilst this is highlighted on a sign, it is situated too far up the lane and is consequently too far for the lorry driver to go back. Improved signs would help but these need to be on the A17.”

The couple have invited South Holland and the Deepings MP John Hayes, who is also Minister of Transport, senior highways officials and councillors to a site meeting on Chalk Lane on Friday, September 9.

Lorry driver Adam emailed invitations and attached video footage of a lorry’s repeated attempts in darkness to reverse out of Chalk Lane.

He believes there’s a second problem with a logistics company, MS Wayman and Sons Ltd, based at the bottom of Chalk Lane.

“Their business has grown and changed substantially and so have the size and number of their lorries,” he said. “Their only access to the A17 is along Chalk Lane, which is completely unsuitable. Centenary Way could be linked with only a short area of new road required and provide both a safe and logical access.”

But Waymans, who have been on the same site for 60 years, say they have investigated an alternative access and it was ruled out as too expensive.

Company secretary Nicola Wayman explained changing the access road would put up the firm’s costs “quite significantly” with lorries having to go an extra three miles out of their way on each journey.

Waymans have 16 vehicles, which go out in the early hours of the morning and return during the day, making a total of 32 daily journeys – but the company’s vehicles turn around on the business premises and do not reverse along Chalk Lane.

Lorries trying to deliver to Bakkavor regularly turn up at Waymans, and Waymans support any move to put improved direction signs on the A17 to stop lorry drivers taking the wrong route.

Nicola said: “We are getting more vehicles than we used to – once they get down Chalk Lane there’s no way they can get off it without reversing all the way or going through to the bottom, which is a track more than a road.”

A Bakkavor spokesman said: “We are investigating this matter and will work with the local community to resolve the situation.”