Swaffham community group workload expands ‘because of cuts elsewhere’, meeting told

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A Swaffham community group is having to cope with increased demands on its facilities because of continuing cuts to other local services, officials say.

The warning was delivered as members and supporters of the Iceni Partnership gathered for its annual general meeting on Monday.

Around 50 people attended the meeting, which was held at the community centre.

And, in his address, Dennis Tallon, chairman of the partnership’s board of directors, said: The Iceni continues to grow and develop in very difficult environment with cuts to local services.

“This puts more pressure on the services and help that the Community Centre provides.

“The work of the officers is not only running the buildings but supporting a large number of people that seek advice.”

Mr Tallon said the investment and maintenance in the partnership’s buildings had allowed it to maintain and increase its hire bookings.

But he also used his speech to urge the town council to conclude its ongoing discussions to extend the community centre’s car park.

He said additional parking space was urgently needed around the site.

Mr Tallon also praised the partnership’s staff for their work, particularly on programmes to support migrants and young people.

And he paid tribute to partnership director and former town councillor Charles Gunner, who is standing down after many years in the role.