Swaffham town council backs tree felling cost plea

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Town councillors have voted to contribute towards the cost of felling three diseased trees on the boundary of Swaffham’s cemetery, even though officials maintain they’re not on their land.

But a senior figure has insisted the decision to partly fund the work on the edge of the Brandon Road site should not be taken as a precedent.

Resident Keith Creed has already been given permission for the trees to be removed. The work is expected to cost at least £3,000.

But addressing the public forum during Wednesday’s council meeting, he said his deeds showed the trees were not on his property.

He warned they were likely to become unstable if work was not carried out, adding: “We would like the council to be able to contribute to the cost of felling those trees, bearing in mind where they are.”

Town clerk Richard Bishop said the authority’s policy was that the picket fence marked the boundary of its lands.

He also warned that any contribution would have to be taken from the council’s reserves.

And, following a unanimous vote in favour of a proposal to provide half of the money required, deputy mayor Paul Darby said: “I would ask that we make it clear we are not setting a precedent.

“Every case has to be looked at on its own merits and we have got to be careful.”