Swaffham town guide updated by Rotary officials

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A Swaffham community group has published a new guide to the town, which it hopes will primarily help people who have recently moved to the area.

Rotary club officials say the move has been triggered by the amount of new housing built in the town in recent years and the developments that are still to come.

Club president Denis Bishop said: “This pack was first launched a few years ago and was in need of updating.

“Due to the increase in the number of new homes in particular we agreed to relaunch with new information and with the emphasis directed to all new residents.”

The guide is made available to people when they have completed a deal to either buy or rent a property from a town estate or letting agent, or from one of the several new developments currently taking shape around the town.

It includes information about the history of the town, as well as details of the shops and businesses that trade there plus churches, community groups and other attractions.

The initiative has also been supported by managers of the Iceni Partnership.

Under current development proposals put forward by Breckland Council, Swaffham has been allocated more than 900 new homes for the period up to 2036.

However, most of those properties have either been completed, granted planning permission or are already allocated in existing development plans.