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Take him – he’s yours! Wife puts husband up for sale

Teresa and Rob Turner.
Teresa and Rob Turner.

You can get anything you want on the internet these days – including, it would seem, a husband sure to get on your nerves.

Teresa Turner, 34, from Gaywood, advertised her 33-year-old husband, Rob Turner, on the Facebook page ‘sell it in King’s Lynn!’ after he repetitively played an “annoying and aggravating” video.

Mrs Turner, who has misophonia, a hatred of specific sounds, said her husband played a video of a lady eating crisps over and over again just to annoy and aggravate her.

She said: “I have a phobia of people eating, sucking or any mouth related noise.

“I got annoyed and went upstairs and at that point wrote the post. I was so surprised at the response it got and I really didn’t expect what it got.”

The advert read: “I have a 33-year-old husband that is no longer needed due to getting on my nerves! I don’t want no money he is FREE. He is house-trained and toilet-trained. First to collect!”

With more than 250 reactions and almost 50 comments, Mrs Turner’s Facebook post generated that much online interest that even her husband responded to the advert.

He wrote: “Brilliant. Do I get my tea cooked too?”

Some members of ‘sell it in King’s Lynn!’ joined the joke and confessed their failed attempts to also sell-off their husbands.

One user said: “I’ve tried giving mine away for free too, but no one wanted him. He cooks, cleans and can iron as well, but not one person took him away from me.”

“I’ve got a 54-year-old one and I can’t get him away either,” said another users.

However, some members of the Facebook page requested further information about Mr Turner, to aid them in their decision making.

Among the questions asked were do you deliver for the price of fuel? Can we swap husbands? Does he come with a 30 day return policy?

But, one users tuned down Mrs Turner’s offer, and said“no thanks, already got rid of one. I don’t want another one unless he’s going to wait on me hand and foot.”

Mrs Turner added: “My husband thought it was funny and still does. He’s got a great sense of humour, thankfully. He even commented on the post himself so I didn’t remove the post.

“It gave a lot of people something to laugh at and it brightened up their day. I’m happy that our silly sense of humour made others laugh.”

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