Terrington St Clement man calls for traffic calming

Scene of RTC last night where a car collided with a house on Churchgateway in Terrington St Clement, West Norfolk. �Paul Tibbs
Scene of RTC last night where a car collided with a house on Churchgateway in Terrington St Clement, West Norfolk. �Paul Tibbs
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Calls for traffic calming measures have been made by the owners of the 350-year-old house which has a gaping hole after a van ploughed through the front.

Peter and Heather Strudwick had a lucky escape after a Citroen Berlingo had careered into the front wall of their home in Churchgate Way, Terrington St Clement, on Tuesday night.

Mr Strudwick had been sitting on a settee in front of the wall five minutes earlier, but had moved into another room before the van hit the Grade II listed home, while his wife was fortunately unhurt after remaining in the lounge.

Mr and Mrs Strudwick along with children James, 18, and Thomas six, are now facing a lengthy wait to return to their home, which is structurally sound but needs extensive repairs.

Police have made no arrests as a result of the incident and expect no further involvement.

Mr Strudwick said in the past he has seen people speeding along there.

He said: “A few traffic speed bumps which are not necessarily expensive measures they can control a lot of the problem quite easily. Ultimately we were very lucky. My wife was standing in the room when the van went through and in the only spot in the room where she could not have been injured.”

Mr Strudwick had moved into a different part of the house before the incident, which happened at 9.20pm and heard screaming.

After running upstairs to check on Thomas, who was sound asleep, Mr Strudwick went to speak to his wife after the screams continued.

He said: “I suddenly saw there was no front wall and couldn’t open the door because the rubble was in front.”

Mrs Strudwick had been pulled free from the rubble and was thankfully unhurt and called for her husband to get the children out. James had dialled 999.

The section of road in front of the home was closed on Wednesday and part of Thursday before contractors could install temporary props to stabilise the building.

Mr Strudwick said the insurance company was finding the family a place to stay while the repairs are completed.

A Norfolk County Council’s highways spokesman said: “Much more work would have to be done before we could decide whether this would be a suitable stretch of road for traffic calming, and where it would come in the long list of schemes already waiting for funding. We have very limited resources to spend on safety measures so we target these carefully.”