Terrorist attacks and mental illness inspire story about love for King’s Lynn playwright

Jon Lawrence who has written a play about mental illness.
Jon Lawrence who has written a play about mental illness.
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A Lynn playwright has published his fifth play about love, grief and the power of mental illness which has been inspired by his own battle with bipolar disorder.

Jon Lawrence depicts his own struggles with the mental disorder, triggered by the loss of his friend in the Twin Tower bombings in New York, on September 11, 2001.

His latest release, The Wallflower Cafe, puts mental illness under the spotlight and examines its tumultous relationship with love in this compelling new narrative.

Mr Lawrence said: “My narrative considers mental illness, love, grief and books. I have always been interested in the role that depression or mental illness plays on the creative mind.

“I have suffered from bipolar disorder for many years and while during my low points I have found life particularly trying, during the euphoric highs which accompany the illness I have been spurred into great creativity.

“The illness was triggered by the loss of my friend on the September 11 attacks on the north tower of the World Trade Centre. My own illness massively informed the play.”

The playwright is also a renowned lecturer, novelist and songwriter.

The Wallflower Cafe takes readers deep into the life of one young woman whose world could be about to change forever,

Bella is an agoraphobic young woman who, obsessed by books since a child, has searched for romance and love in the written word.

Then one day a man enters her life at The Wallflower Café. Is he the man who can make love real? Or has love been there all along?

Mr Lawrence said: “It struck me that everyone struggles with love.

“Therefore, I wanted to show people how mental illness further impacts an emotion that even the most focused find confusing.

“I certainly hope it gives readers and audiences something to think about.”

For more information about Jon Lawrence and his work, go to www.johnlawrencemusic.com or www.jonlawrencewriting.moonfruit.com

The Wallflower Café is available to buy on www.lulu.com