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It’s Easter, which for the team at KL.FM means it’s our annual Easter egg appeal. Once again the whole team at the radio station has been blown away by the amazing generosity of the people of West Norfolk. By the end of the collection days we had pretty much run out of room to store the eggs, particularly given the beautiful weather which meant we have to store them in the only part of the building with air-conditioning...our broadcast studios! Watching Ross Birkenshaw clambering over piles of eggs to get to the desk in time to read the news was a sight I’ll remember for a long time.

As always these eggs will really make a difference to deserving children across the region. The distribution has already started and Simon and the team have already visited a number of local sites including the QE hospital and local social services. If you’re one of the many, many people who supported the appeal, let me say a huge thank you on behalf of us all.

As always though, our attention now moves quickly on to the next couple of projects we’re involved with. During May we’ll be at GEAR and also the annual Hanse Festival when we have a very special show lined-up, when we’ll be broadcasting from somewhere that I can safely say will never have seen anything quite like it in its 500 year history!

Away from the office and wearing my hat as chairman of the Town Centre Partnership, I was delighted to be asked to join a new local initiative spearheaded by the Borough Council which will be working with the UK government Coastal Community Fund.

Finally for now I’d like to take the chance to say a personal ‘thank you’ to the team who work in the Walks.

I’m lucky enough to walk through the park every day and I have to say I don’t think I’ve seen it looking as lovely as it does this spring.

Thanks all... your hard work really helps to put a smile on my face.