That’s Entertainment, by Andy Tyler, June 2, 2017

Groundworks art gallery Purfleet St King's Lynn
Groundworks art gallery Purfleet St King's Lynn

As promised, this week’s column is written from King’s Lynn’s Twin Town of Emmerich-am-Rhein and I am here with members of The King’s Lynn/Emmerich Twinning Club, mentioned in the past by me as a great organisation to join if you wish to forge friendships with others in Germany and make exchanges between the two countries.

We are enjoying friendly social events (as we do also in England) and have brought really amazing hot and sunny weather with us!

Emmerich is similar to Lynn in several ways; it has a superb quayside (The Rhein Promenade), where a fun, but noisy(!) carnival, of sorts, took place yesterday, for a children’s charity, which included a large variety of lorries!

Today, we have a tour of their Harbour and Container Port, also, needless to say, we enjoy much good German food and drink.

We are very near the Dutch border so trips across it into Holland are comparatively easy; for those interested, there are several old castles to admire in both countries – like Lynn and West Norfolk the area has a rich heritage.

I combine the column this week with events taking place in both West Norfolk and Emmerich and will try to give readers a flavour of ‘what’s on’ and ‘what’s gone on’ over here; so far my day has started well with a music show on NDR TV featuring musicians young and old playing Mozart German dances!

l Over in King’s Lynn I often feature exhibitions at Greyfriar’s Art Space and GroundWork Gallery (both always worth a visit) and here at Emmerich’s Pan Art Forum ( PAN Kunstforum) we enjoyed a reception, which Emmerich’s Mayor attended, and then we were able to view a prestigious and fascinating exhibition of over 600 works by Salvador Dali.

l The King’s Lynn Festival and Festival Too will soon be upon us, and I notice from the local press here, Coffee Concerts, as in Lynn, take place regularly. One was held at Willibrord-Gymnasium (a local school), recently, featuring brass music, and a youth orchestra was performing. The venue was in the appropriately named Hansastrasse!

l On a lighter note, at one of the oldest German towns, of Xanten, (famous for its Roman remains and ‘recreated’ Roman city), an open air, (mit flair!) Sommer Music concert will take place in July featuring bands, jazz, classics, and music for all tastes. Book now:

l Don’t forget the next Norfolk Symphony Orchestra concert at Lynn’s Corn Exchange entitled “Brief Encounters” on the afternoon of Sunday, June 25, starting at 3.30pm.

Rachmaninov’s 2nd Piano Concerto (which was featured in the famous Brief Encounter film) and Shostakovich’s 11th Symphony will be performed. The soloist in the concerto is Viv McLean and the popular Philip Hesketh conducts.

l In Emmerich on June 24 a Festival of “Street Music” will take place from 6pm-10pm and on the 24th-26th a fest of music by Schütz will be held at St Johannes Church, Praest.

l I hope you have enjoyed your ‘entertainment trip’ and, returning home, don’t forget the Carnivals at Hunstanton and take a peep at events coming along at Stradsett and Ringstead.