The Big Eye, July 12, 2016


I think many of us are starting to feel distinctly battered by the relentless hubbub generated by those individuals who have chosen politics as their career. Absolutely nothing in the Western world seems to carry greater importance than the media’s need to breathlessly document the latest despicable attempt by this MP or that PM to extract themselves from the political mire or scupper someone else’s ambitions to scrabble a little further up the greasy pole. It appears to be an accepted foundation of society that we need these politicians to keep us in order and to make our lives better and yet very few people (except the politicians) believe they are the ideal candidates to do this.

Imagine a world where we no longer had Twitter, 24-hour news channels and all forms of instant communication were disconnected. Hard to comprehend I know but please humour me. If, for example, tomorrow morning nobody relayed to you the latest witterings of Gove or Corbyn or Beckett and their ruthless grappling for power, do you think your day would change? Maybe, without this drivel being hammered into your consciousness, your mind would be free to consider and mull over other things? I am trying to isolate myself from the frankly inconsequential babble relentlessly transmitted into our homes and it is surprisingly easy to do.

A swift scan of your phones and television and computer will reveal a tiny button that will switch it off instantly and although, for a second, you may find the uneasy silence hard to cope with, I can assure you nothing scary will happen. Believe me, despite the devastating emptiness generated by the lack of noise from your electronic devices, other voices will begin to insinuate themselves onto your consciousness and it is at this point you must not panic…because these voices are called THOUGHTS. They are your own thoughts and should not be confused with the things electronically transmitted at you, which are, in fact, other people’s thoughts.

After a few days of ‘radio silence’ you will find that the sky hasn’t fallen in and although their ever-changing babblings will still waft pointlessly out into the ether, you will realise that the vacuous drivel no longer sucks you in and although you may feel twinges of ‘cold turkey’ as you detox, in general, life will become enjoyable again. Like it was when you were eight and your days were concerned only with mud pies.

Sadly, we cannot go back to that safe, carefree world but my point in writing this piece was to try to suggest 
that the barrage of media twaddle hurled at us every day in the form of adverts, news, music or celebrity gossip 
really isn’t as earth-shatteringly important as they 

Try it. Instead of waiting for the weather on the telly, have a look outside. Work it out for yourself and if YOU think you need a brolly, take it. Our new PM won’t care either way, she really won’t!