The Big Eye, March 8, 2016

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Well, the battle lines are drawn and most leaders have hung their colours on one side or the other of the EC divide.

Sir Henry has taken the decision to vote against the PM and wants us out whilst Ms Truss has decided that we are better off staying in. Are their conclusions based upon hard facts, emotion or the fear of joining the wrong gang and making a massive ‘career limiting’ move? We shall never know but their divided opinion pretty much reflects the mood of the entire nation. It looks like being a very close call which would basically suggest to our compadres across the Channel that we really don’t have a clue which way we want to go.

I feel like the decision by our PM to try to keep us in The EU is significant and, please bear with me here, when I suggest that as our leader, he has access to all the facts and should be able to come to an informed decision. As our Prime Minister, his position of trust is sacred and he knows a huge amount is riding on it in terms of our nation’s health, wealth and future. So I find it hard to comprehend why there is such a massive division across the nation and within political parties as to which way to go.

All campaigning so far seems to rely on fear and negativity as the most compelling reasons to vote yes or no and I hear little argument surrounding the positive reasons for staying or going … just soundbites calculated to panic you into a decision. I really have little idea what would be best for me as an individual and even less idea how we all might benefit from going it alone (as Henry puts it).

So, here’s the Big Eye’s theory about how to decide whether we should be in or out!

Let’s accept, for argument’s sake that the Prime Minister has only one altruistic goal, to make us all richer, happier and safer. Let’s also assume that he has access to the fine detail of the costs and benefits of our membership and that his Chancellor can number-crunch to the nearest £million what we, as individuals, have to gain or lose by staying in the EC. This number must exist otherwise David Cameron cannot have made an informed decision because surely something as momentous as this couldn’t be left to vague promises or ‘God Forbid’ fear of the unknown..could it?

Henry says out. Liz says in. Let’s take a look together, as a nation, at The PM’s numbers and see exactly what he’s discovered that makes him want to stay. I don’t want to hear scare stories about immigrants and child allowance or Brussels deciding perfect croissant size. I want to see exactly why he’s voting us in. My guess is ‘smoke and mirrors’ is all you’ll be offered. For me it will be about trust and whether I trust Mr Cameron?

How about you?