The Big Eye, September 22

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Finally, it seems, the old-school Labour supporters craving the comfort of having someone to call Leader, they have a man who fits the bill.

Brother Jeremy Corbyn appeared amongst us like a spectre, beckoning the faithful to follow him to a legendary land where coal is mined and metal is bashed and union members warmly refer to each other as ‘sisters and brothers’.

For me, having an old-style, trade-union supporting Labour Leader will be a blessed relief and the perfect foil in the Commons to the horrendous Bullingdon Toffs who, until recently have only had to contend with the blatherings of an anaemic bunch of political theorists, some of whom had never even had a real job.

Now we can get back to a world of party politics where the fate of our country will, once again, play second-fiddle to the needs of these tiresome, self-important little men (and women) whose only real goal is to impose their doctrine and beliefs on the rest of us. Jeremy has got us off to a flying start by managing to offend both sides of the house with a stunning display of utter contempt for us all by refusing to sing the National Anthem and maintaining a stoic yet disdainful look for the duration. Classic ‘class war’ attitudes redolent of the infamously ramshackle Michael Foot..Corbyn could only have topped it by burning a Union Jack on the Cathedral steps.

The Tories must see this latest incarnation of Labour leader as manna from heaven. What could be better in their eyes than a man whose political radar isn’t even switched on as far as currying favour with the voters, who has scuttled from the back benches 
to the Leadership without holding minor ministerial office.

On the plus side, this has definitely re-ignited many political fires in a sleepy electorate who had reached a point where they found it hard to differentiate between the Lib and the Lab, the Dem and the Con..and now it’s really easy!

I just can’t see how this is going to pan out after the initial euphoria has subsided. They couldn’t wait to ditch Ed Miliband after the disastrous Election and for a while we’ll see massive upheaval as new regime incumbents jostle with the old guard in an attempt to prove to themselves, and ever-sceptical party members, that this rocky socialist boat is going to float.

On the other side of the House are continued rumblings from the top brass that David Cameron is looking to step from the golden podium to make his fortune on the ‘after-dinner speaking’ circuit but the thought of all that comedy slap-stick fun mocking the Labour Party’s latest attempt to crawl out from under their rock might be too much for him to leave.

It’s going to be a right old lark…I can’t wait for the day when I see Jeremy, fist in the air shouting “Freedom for Tooting” in the Commons…then I’ll know we’ve slipped back into the 70s!