The History of King’s Lynn in 100 Objects: No67, June 6, 2017

100 objects - gold ring with Latin inscription
100 objects - gold ring with Latin inscription
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This week’s museum object is a gold ring from the middle of the 16th century.

The ring is inscribed with the Latin motto PLEBS SINE LEGE RVIT + which means ‘People without law are destroyed’

The motto was adopted by a group of Serjeants-at-law, Robert Brooke, Richard Catlin, William Dalison, James Dyer, Thomas Gawdy, Ralph Rokeby and William Staunford.

It was issued by Thomas Gawdy of Shottesham in 1552. It dates from the end of the reign of the young Edward VI, son of Henry VIII.

The ring was found in 1977 at East Rudham and was purchased for the museum with a grant from the Victoria and Albert Museum.

The photograph of the ring was taken by Shaz and Jess, two photography students at the College of West Anglia as part of their work experience with the museum earlier in the year.

The museum would like to thank them for their work.

This photograph of the ring by the two students is to feature in a new publication from the British Museum in the autumn called Bejewelled: Men and Jewellery in Tudor and Jacobean England, by Natasha Awais-Dean.

The ring is on display in the main gallery at Lynn Museum.