The History of KIng’s Lynn in 100 Objects - Shoe dates back to the 1350s

Leather shoe at King's Lynn Museum
Leather shoe at King's Lynn Museum
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This month’s object is part of a medieval leather shoe from about 1350.

It was found at an archaeological dig on Sedgford Lane in the town centre. Archaeologists excavating in the town in the 1960s found well preserved remains of leather shoes almost everywhere they dug.

They found over 400 shoe soles, a number of boot and shoe uppers, together with many leather scraps from cobbling (shoe mending).

All the boots and shoes found in the town were made using the turn shoe technique where the shoe is made inside out and then turned to produce a water-tight butt-joined seem.

The earliest shoes found in Northern Europe were preserved in bogs or by sub-zero temperatures. The earliest surviving King’s Lynn shoes date back to about 1250. This piece of medieval shoe is on show at the museum as part of our exciting Shoes! exhibition.

The exhibition explores changes in footwear from the 13th century to the present day.

Come along and see how shoe designs and styles have changed over time.

Museum entry is free until March 31, and we are open Tuesday- Saturday from 10am to 5pm.