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The Stress is on helping men’s mental health in West Norfolk

A construction auditor from Watlington has launched an online platform designed to help men talk about and overcome mental health issues.

Richard Crisp is one of the creators of Men Stress, which aims to offer advice and support to men who may be suffering with similar problems.

As well as sharing their own stories, Richard and his co-creators Paul Charnock, of Norwich, and Stuart Walton, of Great Yarmouth, are keen for others to share their own experiences, either openly or anonymously.

And Richard, who wrote a book on his story three years ago, hopes to provide advice on methods that will help readers address their own issues.

He said: “As a general rule men are conditioned not to talk openly about internal struggles and this is one of the major contributors to us developing extremely unpleasant and sometimes life-threatening mental and physical health problems.”

“We will introduce, through the experience of others, individuals who are specialists in particular fields of mental or physical health. We will review therapies and invite contributors with positive experiences to share their stories.

“We will introduce readers to simple, easy to follow practices that will help address their own complex issues.

“Throughout my life whenever my brain sensed I was under ‘attack’ it was automatically triggering a series of completely irrationally and crazy behaviour patterns in an attempt to protect me.

“So I went in search of some answers which, initially, was difficult because I didn’t have a clue what question to ask.

“But slowly, by attending lectures, reading, listening to CDs and browsing the internet I began to find answers and solutions to these ridiculous behaviour patterns.

“In doing so, I discovered so much about the mechanics of the human mind that I felt compelled to put pen to paper in the hope that I might help others deal with their own but unique internal struggles.”

Already some of their articles are reaching more than a thousand visits as more people discover Man Stress through word of mouth and its social media presence.

Some recent headlines for featured articles include “John Lewis floor 9, the suicide level”, “What is man’s biggest fear”, “Why are workplace leaders like pack animals” and “The farmer who defeated depression with cows”.

Richard, Paul and Stuart – who collectively refer to themselves on Man Stress as “the tribe” have all found the creation of “their labour of love” beneficial in helping them overcome their worst experiences of anxiety, stress and depression.

For more information or to take a look at the Man’s Stress website, visit www.manstress.co.uk

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