Theatretrain students all set for Royal Albert Hall debut

A costume call for the Theatretrain students at Lynn's Springwood High School. Photo: MLNF15PM09050
A costume call for the Theatretrain students at Lynn's Springwood High School. Photo: MLNF15PM09050
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Nearly 60 Lynn Theatretrain students will be making their debut appearance at London’s Royal Albert Hall this weekend in a brand new production “How to Make a Hero”.

Four of the students will be performing solos and another four have speaking roles in the show which is being staged on Sunday.

Theatretrain centre director Ruth McKechnie said: “The staff and students have all really enjoyed working on this show, which has been both educational and challenging, but lots of fun too.

“We have been re-living stories of heroes and heroines, adventures and battles, and tales of love and tragedy, quite a rollercoaster of emotions to explore.

“The children will be performing on stage for 90per cent of the show, so they have had to put in a lot of work. They can be very proud of themselves, and I think their parents will be too.

“Also we have four of our students who will be performing solos, which is an amazing achievement, having auditioned alongside about 160 hopefuls from across the country. Another four also have speaking roles as gods and main characters. I am really proud of them all, and the level of professionalism we have achieved as a centre.”

The four soloists are Isabelle Franklin, Charlotte Foxcroft, Miriam Campbell and Alice Buttle, while the quartet with speaking parts are speaking parts are Sophie Ward, George Giles, Luca Morley and Isabelle Franklin.

The show is based around the many exciting stories of Greek mythology such as King Midas, Icarus, and the adventures of Ulysses from Homer’s Odyssey (the story of the Wooden Horse – “I fear the Greeks, even when they bring gifts”).

The music is drawn from a variety of genres including rock, pop, musical theatre and classical. The Lynn centre will be telling the story of Persephone being taken by Hades to the Underworld where she is condemned to stay for every winter – “the reasons for the seasons” – and their music for this will be Ho Hey (Lumineers).

For more information on Theatretrain, and the training to be involved in similar projects, the registers will reopen after the show, from September 26. Contact Ruth McKechnie on 01223 246464/07810 825062 or email