They think burner’s all over ... it is now!

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Norfolk County Council has now cleared its £33.7 million compensation bill with the developer of the doomed Lynn incinerator.

The county made the final £5.9 million payment of the total costs on Friday to Cory Wheelabrator.

In April, the council cancelled its 25-year contract with the developer to build an incinerator on the Willows Business Park, at Saddlebow, on the grounds of failing to secure planning permission.

But campaigners are calling on the town to rally one final time in a bid to end incineration in the county for good by attending a critical meeting on Monday, December 15, at county hall in Norwich.

County council leader George Nobbs has now welcomed the end of the “sorry saga” with the final payment being made and ending negotiations.

He said: “I welcome the certainty that this agreement brings.

“This is a significant act of closure in a sad and sorry saga which was not of my administration’s making or choice.

“I very much welcome the fact that this now finally removes any risk of further costs being incurred in the future.

“However, it has been a salutary lesson of how not to do things. It is a matter of deep regret to me that this matter has caused so much damage to relations within our county and I hope that today we can all turn to a new page.”

The council has made a series of payments, which include foreign exchange and public inquiry costs, by the county to Cory following the decision in April to terminate the contract, which was awarded in April 2011.

Tom McCabe, the council’s interim executive director of community and environmental Services, said: “We built up a reserve in order to pay the substantial costs of terminating the contract and we have now made a final settlement in line with that.

“The costs associated with ending the contract are significant and we have had to satisfy ourselves that they are justifiable, which is why this process has taken some time.”

Campaigners who had been fighting against the project are now appealing for a final push.

King’s Lynn Without Incineration (KLWIN) is urging people in the town to go along to the full council meeting on Monday, December 15, when the future of waste disposal in the county will be discussed.

Martin Little said: “Councillors need reminding of the depth of feeling over this – it has not gone away.

“We hope to pack the gallery and outside area.

“This will be the silver bullet and the important thing to stress is that the decision could stop incineration across the whole of Norfolk forever.”

KLWIN will once again be running a car pooling from Fairgreen farms from 8am for an 8.15am departure. The meeting starts at 10am.

But there are hopes to organise a bus if enough people are interested in attending the meeting.

n Mike Knights is also issuing a rallying cry in a letter on page 17.