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This scooter is Rev-ved up as Angela spreads the word

Have scooter will travel! A West Norfolk curate has found a novel and environmentally friendly way of getting around her large parish.

The Rev Angela Rayner, assistant curate at the King’s Lynn Minster, has become a familiar figure, as she travels from one end of Lynn High Street to the other on her electric foot scooter, her long black cassock billowing in the breeze.

And it is a case of “hop on, hop off” for the cheery cleric as she gets to know her flock and spreads the gospel at the same time.

King's Lynn Minster Curate Rev Angela Rayner whizzing about the town on her scooter
King's Lynn Minster Curate Rev Angela Rayner whizzing about the town on her scooter

She hopes that her unusual form of transport to get around her extensive Lynn town centre and North Lynn parish will help dispel the often stuffy or boring image that some people have of clergy.

She said: “I believe the Church has a message of Good News, which can be shared by walking (or scooting) the streets and getting to know one’s neighbours.

“Following Jesus is a messy business which involves talking to everyone whatever their age, nationality, colour, sexuality or gender. I don’t think it matters to God whether you’re an MP orstreet-cleaner. Jesus didn’t discriminate in the people he got to know.”

Rev Rayner has been using her £150 scooter for a couple of months and in that time has certainly become noticed as she travels twice a day between her Pilot Street home and The Minster.

“Using the foot scooter is an ideal way for me to get around, particularly in the extensive North Lynn part of the parish. I can just hop off and have a chat with someone and then hop on again, it helps make me more accessible to people.

“I have a car for longer journeys outside the parish, but the scooter is a cheaper form of transport within the parish of The Minster, St Nicholas and North Lynn.”

She clearly loves performing her role as a parish priest.

She said: “I can’t think of a more challenging or exciting way to spend a life; getting to know people and inviting them to church to join in an eternal party.”

She explained that her scooter can travel up to 10 miles per hour and one electricity charge will last for five or six miles.

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