Thornham ladies raise bags of money for local causes

The Bag Ladies of Thornham. Photo: submitted. ANL-161115-103228001
The Bag Ladies of Thornham. Photo: submitted. ANL-161115-103228001

A group of volunteers from Thornham have reached a milestone by raising £50,000 for local causes in a 10-year period.

The Bag Ladies was set up in 2006, getting its name from the fact that its initial fundraising involved making shopping bags from donated fabric, which were then sold at fetes and bazaars to generate income.

Paul Murrell, who works for Thornham Village Hall – which is one of the causes the ladies have raised money for over the years, said: “The skills of these talented ladies know no bounds and they work hard and aim high to improve their village.

“Today’s Bag Ladies stitch, knit, bake and cook to help so many local groups and organisations – in their words – ‘because Thornham’s worth it’.”

The founder members of the group, Melanie Venes, Sue Hardy and Ann Whiting, have been joined by Sue Warham, Angela Morris, Janet Needham, Wendy Brooks, Val Goddard, Carolyn Barrett and Chris Berridge, and have taken their fundraising to a new level.

Whilst still producing trademark shopping bags, they also produce stitched and knitted gifts, jams, preserves and Christmas decorations.

In addition to the village hall, the group has also helped to equip the church, the village cinema, Kids’ Club and the History Society, as well as a number of other facilities and groups in Thornham.

The Bag Ladies will be turning their hands to the Winter Gift Fair at Thornham Village Hall on Saturday, 26 and Sunday, November 27 where their handmade products will be on display, and proceeds will go back into the community.