Thought For The Week, by John Belfield, November 13, 2015

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It always amazes me how people like to hang on to things. Recently, I was watching two young children fighting over a toy. Each was hanging on to it and both were pulling it their way. It broke! And the toy, now useless, was discarded. Neither could play with it. Selfishness and ‘I want it’ are corrosive and, in the end, self-defeating. If you meet a stronger ‘I want it’ and you lose, then this can feed feelings of revenge, even violence. Let Go!

How often do we hang on to things that, really, it is better to let go of. This is particularly true of possessions. We recently had to have a good clear out – and left to my own devices, I would probably have put them all back. But they are only ‘things’. They are clutter. Let Go!

What about hanging on to ‘this is what I’ve always done’. There WAS a good reason for doing it that way – but is it still necessary NOW? Let Go!

‘But I always sit there!’ Well, move! Get a different view of things. Sit next to different people. Let Go!

Do your memories of a lost friend or relative stop you making new friends? Does your grief eat at you so that you are afraid of new friendships – even loves – because you have not kept the memory going all the time. Do you feel guilty if a day has gone by and you have forgotten to remember that person? If you loved that person in life, then your love lives on. Many of us believe that THEY live on. Live your life and … Let Go!

Guilt – without a sense of it we are not fully human. Without it we cannot face up to the wrongs we do. We cannot learn from them and hope to avoid the same error in future. I work with people, some of whom are so consumed with their guilt that they are disabled from facing life. Self-harm and suicide are the possible consequences. A cancer of remorse eats at any relationships. They are avoided and the friendships and support which we all need to be healed, are withdrawn. Such guilt is destructive. Let Go!

Bad manners – pushing past someone, not saying ‘thank you’ or ‘please’. They are negative and totally unnecessary. Let Go!

And finally – what about those miserable faces? Even if you are hurting inside – your smile may lift the spirits of someone who may also be suffering. Look in the mirror. Do you see a smiling cheery face – or a grumpy, scowling one. If so, Let Go!