Thousands of West Norfolk residents sign EU referendum petition

The nation decided at the ballot box on Thursday
The nation decided at the ballot box on Thursday
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Thousands of people from West Norfolk have signed an online petition demanding a re-run of the EU referendum, it has emerged.

Almost 7,000 people from the constituencies of MPs Sir Henry Bellingham and Elizabeth Truss have backed the call, according to research on the website Petition Map.

A total of 3,550 people have signed the petition in Ms Truss’ South West Norfolk constituency, while 3,494 in Sir Henry’s North West Norfolk seat have done so.

However, those figures only equate to between three and four per cent of the total populations of those areas.

And votes to leave the EU in West Norfolk outweighed those to remain by around two to one.

The petition, which was set up ahead of last month’s poll, called for it to be re-run if neither side achieved at least 60 per cent of the vote on a turnout of more than 75 per cent.

Just under 52 per cent voted for Britain to leave the European Union overall, on a turnout of around 72 per cent.

More than four million people have now signed the petition, although 77,000 more signatures were removed due to fraud suspicions.