Threat to King’s Lynn club unless more volunteers are found

The Phobbies Club held a buffet party to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee. Kathy Warner (68) came as the 'Queen'.' ENGANL00120120528135007
The Phobbies Club held a buffet party to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee. Kathy Warner (68) came as the 'Queen'.' ENGANL00120120528135007
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A club which provides vital support to disabled people in West Norfolk is under the threat of closure unless more help can be found.

The people who run Phobbies in Lynn are putting out an appeal for more volunteers and carers to step forward and help at the weekly meetings.

Phobbies is an important lifeline to the 28 members who enjoy a morning out along with tackling a range of activities.

Co-ordinator Sylvia Pomeroy says there are currently eight volunteers but is hoping to attract at least five more to help at the Monday meetings.

She said: “We do need quite a lot of staff as we have people who are leaving us. We have not been able to replace the five members of staff who have retired in the last three years.

“We can cope at the moment but it is very difficult especially when people need a holiday.

“I don’t want to upset the members but if we carry on as we are and can’t find more people there will be a threat to the club.”

Phobbies was founded in 1983 to help people, aged between 18 and 65, with a physical or sensory disability.

The group meets every Monday at the Providence Street Community Centre, from 10.30am to 3pm on a Monday.

Sessions include woodwork, arts, crafts along with special events such as open days, outings and a Christmas meal.

Mrs Pomeroy said the club is very important to the members.

She said: “It means everything to them. A lot of them wouldn’t get out of the house if they did not have the group. It gets them up and going.”

Mrs Pomeroy got involved with the club after retiring from nursing, and eventually began to run the centre.

She said: “I enjoy watching the members develop. We have slow successes but there are successes.

“We had one member, a lady in a wheelchair, who could only shrug her shoulders when she came and couldn’t speak very well.

“She now goes out on the bus and visits places around West Norfolk on her own.

“It took some time but her speech is very much better and her artwork is really good.”

Mrs Pomeroy is looking for at least three new carers along with a new treasurer.

She is also looking to find a new co-ordinator, preferably from a nursing background, to pass the baton onto.

Mrs Pomeroy said: “There are quite a few nurses out there but we can’t seem to contact them.

“Our treasurer is looking to leave and that will be a huge gap to fill.”

There are some paid positions available.

If you are interested contact Mrs Pomeroy on 01553 827036.

Alternatively email: