Tilney St Lawrence Post Office on the move

Post Office EMN-141106-093508001
Post Office EMN-141106-093508001
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The Post Office in Tilney St Lawrence has agreed to relocate its premises in the village to the William Day Centre in Magdalen Road.

The date of the move will be announced at a future date.

Currently, the Post Office is run from the home of the postmaster, who would like to retire in the future.

Initially the newly-located branch will be run by the existing postmaster until a new operator is appointed.

During public consultation, there were a small number of comments from customers and local representatives mainly in support of the move. Respondents welcomed the convenient location and ease of access at the new site. However, there were a few comments expressing concern about busy roads and parking at the proposed premises.

But management replied that these concerns are problems faced in many locations and they are issues outside the control of the Post Office.

Post Office services, which will operate the same as current opening hours, will be delivered from a full-screened counter at the day centre.

Field change advisor Wendy Hamilton said: “The new location will secure services for the future and will allow the current Postmaster to retire in the future without any loss of service.”