Time to bank your unwanted clothes in West Norfolk

Salvation Army clothing bank ENGNNL00120110725172944
Salvation Army clothing bank ENGNNL00120110725172944

If you are in need of a Christmas clean-out where your wardrobe is concerned, then don’t despair as there are ways in which your unwanted shoes and clothes can find a new home.

There are 35 Salvation Army Trading Company clothing banks across the borough waiting for your donations and council officials are highlighting their importance.

Council leader Brian Long said: “Textile recycling through charity clothes banks is a fantastic way of getting the most out of clothes and shoes, and saving the cost of disposing of them.

“By reusing textiles, we are giving the Salvation Army the way to help struggling families here and abroad, It’s the right thing to do.”

It is estimated that more than 1.1 million tonnes of textiles are consumed every year – a five per cent rise since 2010.

Textile recycling has a positive effect on carbon reduction, as an aditionally one tonne of reused clothing can result in a saving of up to 11 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

The Salvation Army exports 34,000 tonnes of textiles for reuse and recycling each year, which is an annual saving of 238,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

To find your nearest clothing bank, visit: west-norfolk.gov.uk.