Time to look around and make use of what you see

Chris Sargisson, chief executive of Norfolk Chamber of Commerce
Chris Sargisson, chief executive of Norfolk Chamber of Commerce
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In this column, I’ve talked about talking, and listening. I think it’s time to take a look - at looking.

Quite simply looking around you all the time is as sound a piece of business advice as it ever was. You can start with your immediate, physical, location. Why has that new start-up opened up in West Norfolk? Are they a threat, or an opportunity? Take a look. Information has never been more accessible.

Nowadays, of course, we’re bombarded with 24/7 news coverage. It can be overwhelming at times. But, it does need looking at. Successful businesses not only see the big picture but they identify what elements within it are relevant to them.

At the Chamber we have to make sure we’re as informed as we can possibly be, in order to help, support and guide commerce in West Norfolk.

Right now, because so much data gets poured into the knowledge funnel, I’m looking at how we can sort, filter and present back what’s relevant to our customers.

I’m in no doubt about the value and strength that comes from being part of the region’s largest business community. We speak with a collective voice that’s heard, respected and relied on. Equally we make connections and deliver unrivalled support that enables businesses to thrive and grow.

But, we must evolve by using the best brains and the latest digital tools to build this virtual knowledge filter and put it on the desk of every business in West Norfolk.

In doing that we will enhance the process of ‘looking’ by refining and targeting the content to be looked at.

The more you look, the more you’ll learn. The trick is to recognise what’s relevant to you and your business; to gain some understanding and insight.

As the man said, ‘It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see’.

Makes sense doesn’t it?