Time to wassail in Swaffham

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Officials of a community orchard project in Swaffham will open up to the public tomorrow for the annual wassail event.

The event, which is based on an ancient tradition of waking the trees to ensure a fruitful harvest, will take place at ESCAPE Allotment Tumbler Hill.

It is a collaboration between Wissey Valley Arts, Family Aciton and Norfolk Community Foundation.

The gathering will begin at 4.30pm where the Wassail ceremony will take place.

There will then be a procession into town to gather at the Campinglands community centre, followed by dancing to Hodmedod till 11pm.

A wassail is a traditional ceremony which seeks to start off the first stirrings of life in the land and to help it emerge from winter and to ensure that the next seasons crop of fruit, especially apples and pears, will be bountiful.

Wassail master Adrian Tebbutt will guide the public through the ceremony, beating his potent drum.

Paul Keeler will offer the secret melodies of Earth’s stirrings from his fiddle, while Derek Paice will lead people through the diverse culture of dance. Anyone requiring more information, should call John on 01366 502106.